small - 10" -  $8.95

gluten-free* small - 10" - 11.70

medium - 14" - $14.75

gluten-free* medium - 12" - $14.75

Large - 18" - $19.75


  1. choose your desired crust size, 

  2. add one of our homemade sauces: tomato, sun-dried tomato base or garlic-olive oil base or homemade pesto*

We do charge an additional $1, $1.5 or $2 to add pesto to personal, medium or large pies.

*Please note that our pesto contains walnuts and Parmesan cheese


3...then add toppings!


*Martolli's strives to ensure that our GLUTEN-FREE pizzas satisfy our customers dietary needs, however pizzas may be exposed to some wheat flour during the pizza making process or while baking.

**Our homemade crust and all our sauces are vegan as well, except for our pesto, which contains Parmesan cheese